Sunday, May 11, 2008

Tis the season to be ticky

Here is a question I answered about ticks. This is a good one for anyone concerned about ticks.

Ticks are generally found in woodsy areas, or areas that are shady with tall grass, bushes and trees.

To prevent Ticks...

1. Make sure you check yourself and your pet over daily when you walk around tall grass, bushes or trees.

2. If you hike in the woods, stay to a clear/paved path... wear light color clothes, long sleeves and long pants tucked into socks. Ticks can not bite through clothes. Make sure you check yourself over afterwards.

3. Make sure your pets are protected with a flea and tick treatment.

4. Use repellents that contain DEET

5. Take a warm/soapy shower at the end of the day during Tick season. This will wash away loose ticks.

6. If you have dogs with longer hair or are darker colors, in summer (tick season), keep them trimmed short. It will not only help them from getting overheated, but it makes it easier to locate any ticks that have latched onto them.

7. Check "problem" areas for ticks. Between the fur of your pets, try to check right to the skin by parting the hair... on humans check in areas that there are folds, behind the knees, under the arms, by the groin or breast areas, check belly buttons, behind the ears and check your hair line.

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