Monday, May 12, 2008

Control for Flea and Ticks

Danielle had a great follow up to the question in my last blog. So, what is a good preventative?

I give a run down on the 3 most popular preventatives. Frontline, Revolution and ProMeris.

Don't forget

To protect yourself, make sure you check yourself and pets for ticks after being in heavily wooded areas, shady areas, areas near shrubs and in tall grass.

Try to stick to paved or well worn paths when hiking in the woods

Keep your lawn mowed low to discourage Ticks.

Where brightly colored cloths, and avoid shady areas. If you walk through the woods or in taller grass, wear long sleeves and pants tucked into your socks or cowboy boots (which is my brother's choice of shoe), and check your clothes when you are finished.

Take long hot showers every night to wash off potential loose ticks if you've been in areas that could have exposed yourself to them.

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