Friday, May 16, 2008

Hungry Hungry Puppy

Here's a good question about feeding your dog. What foods to feed, what foods to avoid... and what's the difference anyway?

This question also contains advice on spaying

*special note..

If you suspect your dog may have signs of bloat - DO NOT HESITATE to seek care IMMEDIATELY. Make sure you have the number to the nearest veterinary emergency room for when your vet is closed... and that you know how to get there. Hopefully you'll never need them, but in the off chance you do, you'll be prepared.


When it comes to fixing your pets... if your vet tells you to neuter your female... no he is not a bad veterinarian.

neutering is the general term for desexing a pet. It can be used for females and males.

The terms spaying a female and neutering a male is generally used with pet parents to elivate confusion on what proceedure the pet will be going through. Spaying is the removal of the uterus and overies and Neutering is the removal of the testicals in males.

But to say your pet is "neutered" basically means they have been rendered sterile, so it can apply to males or females.

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